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David Hart

Pro Hart captivated a generation of Australians with his colourful depictions of insects and mining communities. He had an exceptional talent for enriching his audience’s lives, creating vibrant, textured images of industrial age Australia. And of course the Australian carpet industry owes much to the man’s trademark style.

Like his father, David Hart’s work is inspired by nature, depicting forests, beaches, dragonflies and flowers as immense outbursts of painted energy. They contain traces of his father’s style, especially the dragonfly subject, but with more modern, geometric effects, so that these classic images now have an electric, almost manga-like style.

David has been creating high quality artworks since he was sixteen. Continuing the painting techniques he learnt directly from his father as they sat together in his studio, he has taken the discoveries that Pro Hart made over a lifetime and made them his own. David has a very physical approach to his work. Spilling paint over the canvas, he applies great strokes of impasto as well as scraping details into the paint with a knife. The pictures are textured and colourful but they’re also delicate and balanced. David's depictions of insects are quite different from his father’s. Pro Hart’s dragonfly’s had a very sturdy, heavy presence while his son's are much finer, painted onto a glossy surface with a strong shadow underneath, making the insect appear to float on the canvas.

It’s an exciting time in David Hart’s career, and any of his works would make a magnificent contribution to your home or office.