Do You Value Your Art Collection? So Do We.

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Dear Collectors,

In 1973 Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam spent $1.3 million on a Jackson Pollock painting for our National Gallery. The move met outrage, with some critics labelling it a waste of money. Today however, that same painting has been valued at between $100 million and $350 million - but how can we be sure? When it comes to valuing art, there’s more than meets the eye.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder. A fine art valuation however ought to be objectively reasonable. At Angela Tandori Fine Art our valuations are substantiated. We draw from expertise in the field, alongside thorough research and an understanding of the art market. As well as Angela’s seventeen years plus experience in the industry we also follow the principles decreed by the International Valuation Standard Committee. Our goal is for collectors to feel confident and informed by our valuations.

Formal written valuations are required for insurance, superannuation, financial reporting, asset validation, liquidation reports, estate planning and estate settlement purposes. They can also help you decide whether to resell a work of art, or even to purchase one.

Whether you self-manage your superannuation fund, or are curious about that work of art you’ve inherited - valuing your collection is a worthwhile endeavour. To uncover the value of your collection click here, or feel free to send us any enquiries.  

Happy Collecting!

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