Adam Cullen

B. 1965 - 2012. 

Adam Cullen first gained recognition by chaining a pig’s head to his ankle for two weeks. This stunt - irreverent, blunt and provocative - reflects the veracity of Cullen’s practice. Part of the 1990s Grunge Art movement, his oozing paintings twist together together high and low references to extract the undercurrents of contemporary culture. Most often, his work deals with crime, masculinity and the animal within humans, using satire to spin social allegories. 

Cullen in a winner and nine-time finalist for the Archibald Prize. In 2002, he represented Australia at São Paulo Biennial and in 2008, was the subject of major survey at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. The monograph Adam Cullen: Scars Last Longer was published in 2004.

A full biography of Cullen can be read here