David Larwill

David Larwill - (b. 1956 - d. 2011)

Born 1956 in Ballarat Victoria, David Larwill is an important and distinctive Australian artist who is associated with the ROAR movement. The ROAR group of artists were born out of Melbourne in the early 1980s from the ROAR art studios that he co-founded. Larwill was an innovative expressionist painter, who sought to break away from the art establishment of the time. His work contains elements of primitivism and naive child like forms. These forms give the work a sense of simplicity, though underneath this facade of innocence lies a core of raw primal energy.

Larwill's work is represented nationally in many public and private collections including the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria and the Queensland Art gallery.

Bio: http://www.daao.org.au/bio/david-larwill