Erotic Art

A beautiful piece of erotic art invites a viewer to consider the body, explore the senses, and delight in their own private world where desire, fantasy and the unconscious prevail. To gaze at a sultry nude is to glimpse an exciting form of visual poetry. However, more than just a voyeuristic sojourn into the realm of carnal temptation - erotic art also plays a vital part in the development of some of our most important contemporary conversations. The history of erotic art is closely tied to the fascinating history of social, sexual, gender and identity politics. Since the birth of the ancient Venus of Willendorf - eroticism has offered artists an avenue for expressing ideas surrounding the controversial, the taboo, and the inexpressible. Whether in homage to a lover, as a personal retreat, or a clever declaration of protest - a piece of erotic art represents a catalyst for change, and has done so for thousands of years.

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