John Brack

B. 1920 - 1999

John Brack is among Australia’s most original artists. Emerging in Melbourne in the 1950s, his work stood in contrast to the leading styles of the era, which either embraced abstraction or the Antipodean figurative expressionism. Brack on the other hand, fixed his own penetrating gaze on modernity. Hard-edged, cerebral and smooth, his work slices to the core of modern existence. Using the personal to articulate the profound, his scenes of urban and suburban life articulate the aches and existential quandaries of a society in the throes of change.

Brack’s work bears the mark of intelligence, with just a twinge of satire. Despite this caustic wit however, his work is always imbued with sympathy for his subjects. Brack is represented in all prominent public collections and has been the subject of two major retrospectives at the National Gallery of Victoria. He is remembered as one of Australia most outstanding artists.

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