Lucy Boyd Beck

Lucy BOYD BECK (1916 - 2009)

Lucy Boyd was born into the distinguished Boyd family in 1916 in Murrumbeena, Victoria.  She was the daughter of Merric and Doris Boyd.Lucy Boyd met her husband, Hatton Beck, a ceramicist, when he came to work in the Boyd family pottery business. Lucy and Hatton eventually took over the pottery business and lived in one of the studios with their first two children until 1947.After teaching pottery for some time Lucy and Hatton moved to England where Hatton worked at the National Gallery and Lucy, and their son Robert, established a pottery at Wandsworth Common.  They returned to Melbourne in 1970.

Lucy Boyd Beck continued the family tradition by combining both painting and ceramics.  She is renowned for her paintings on ceramic tiles and often painted whimsical images of children.

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