Collection: Mirka Mora

B. 1928 - 2018. 

Mirka Mora was an iconic French-Australian artist. Born in Paris to Jewish parents, she survived the Holocaust before fleeing to Melbourne in 1951. Here, she and her husband George became immersed in cultural life, befriending the Heide group who included patrons John and Sunday Reed and artists Charles Blackman, Albert Tucker and John Perceval. 

Mirka's paintings, drawings and mosaics are instantly recognisable. Bright, expressionistic and inflected by fantasy, they cross personal and mythological themes. Among her favoured subjects are children, animals, angels and Ancient Greek mythology.

No history of Australian modernism is replete without Mirka. She is represented in most public collections and was celebrated with a major retrospective at Heide Museum of Modern Art in 2018. Her joie de verve continues to delight and inspire audiences. 

For a more in-depth biography of the artist, click here.

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