Roar Studios | Rebel Rebel

True rebels of their time, Roar Studios represented a proverbial roar against the art establishment. Founded in 1982 on Brunswick Street Fitzroy, this artist-run-initiative eschewed aesthetic and career expectations, blazing a way for fierce, spontaneous and figurative art. Not only did these artists support typically unheard voices, they helped propel Outsider Art into the Australian consciousness. As art historian Christopher Heathcote states, Roar Studios was;

“The most creative irritant that had disturbed the Melbourne art system for years.”

Roar artists, who include David Larwill, Pasquale Giardino, Mark Schaller, Judi Singleton, Sarah Faulkner and Mark Howson, are now a respected force in Australian art. Their work synthesis an attitude - one of experimentation, dynamism and limitless possibility. Discover the Roar attitude below.