Rosalie Gascoigne

B. 1917 - 1999. 

Despite being born in New Zealand, Rosalie Gascoigne was enamored with the Australian landscape. She spent her career foraging debris in the regions surrounding Canberra, believing that her materials had to endure the land they depicted. Trading in clarity, power and directness, her work smacks of the sun - appearing as expansive, visual poems. 

In 1982, Gascoigne became the first female artist to represent Australia at the Venice Biennale. Since, then she has been credited with radically transforming Australia's perception of the landscape. While she never attended art school, Gascoigne spent her entire life looking and in her words, "I am not making pictures, I make feelings." She is represented in all state museums and has been honoured with numerous large-scale exhibitions, including a retrospective at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Read more about Gascoigne at the Museum of Contemporary Art, or the Art Gallery of New South Wales


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