Collection: Steve Cox

B. 1958.

Steve Cox is a British-born, Melbourne-based artist and writer, known for his homoerotic images; stream of consciousness landscapes and animal/human hybrids. His works, which had explored homicide, the phenomena of rave culture, and a spectrum of mental health issues, confront the darker side of human psyche. Cox has always been outspoken against censorship in the arts, and has written numerous essays and articles on the suppression of homo-eroticism in western art since the Renaissance.

Steve Cox has garnered curatorial and collectors’ following early in his career, exhibiting regularly throughout Australia and abroad, and receiving prestigious scholarships and travelling fellowships. His works are to be found in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, a number of state, regional and tertiary institutions, as well as respected corporate and private collections across Australia and abroad. The artist is currently represented by William Mora Galleries in Melbourne.

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