Thierry Guetta (a.ka. Mr. Brainwash)

B. 1966

Mr. Brainwash is the moniker of a French born, Los Angeles based street artist Thierry Guetta. According to the 2010 Banksy-directed film Exit Through the Gift Shop, Guetta was originally an amateur videographer who was introduced to street art by his cousin the famed street artist Invader. Throughout the early 2000s, Guetta began filming the movement and at the suggestion of Banksy, rapidly became an artist in his own right. While there is speculation Mr. Brainwash maybe prankish brainchild of  Banksy, both artists assert that Guetta is his own legitimate artist. A pop cultural force, in 2013 he was commissioned by Madonna to design her album cover and continues to be enthusiastically collected worldwide.

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