About the Team

Just in case you're wondering who you're dealing with.

Your Personal Assistant: Faraday

If you send us an email, Faraday will be sure to respond. More than just a problem solving and service star, Faraday is also completing a Masters of Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne. In her spare time, catch her strolling galleries mulling over the art world and our relationship to art. When she is in the office, expect the kindest email from someone with excellent taste in lipstick and a knack for helping people.

Copywriter and creative: Isabel

If you’ve enjoyed reading our newsletters, artist interviews, blog posts and collecting resources - thank Isabel. Where others string a few simple words together, Isabel is gifted with the beautiful ability to turn sentences into wonderful, rich tapestries of meaning. She’s a woman of few spoken words - but each word is chosen well. When she’s not deeply engaged in her written work, Izzy is feeding her mind with Philosophy and Art History study, volunteering her time to political causes, and spending her evenings inside Melbourne’s comedy bars.

Research Extraordinaire: Ari

Ari is without a doubt one of the most organised, comprehensive and details-oriented humans we know. A passionate projects manager, Ari is an out-of-the-box thinker and with a curious mind. When Ari is not assisting us with researching works of art she is passionately engaging with museums and cultural collections, and being a great Mum to her two crazy kids.