Home is Where the Art is: How fine art is more than decoration.


Decorating your house is about making yourself at home.  As we work longer and commute further, the walls we sleep between have become a space for respite, rejuvenation and personal expression.  And a big part of that feeling, is filling blank walls with inspiring art.  But what’s the point?  How can fine art enhance your home?  The answer - in many ways!



Let there be light

If your house struggles to soak in natural light, a work of art can help add lightness and brightness. A natural landscape, like a rainforest for example, can act as a virtual portal into lush greenery for rooms stuck in cityscapes. Likewise, images of the ocean can recall the sea for those unable to hear the waves.

Adding Space

There’s a myth that paintings can crowd rooms. Perhaps if you went for a salon hang in an apartment, that case could be made. Curated thoughtfully however and a work of art can expand space. A work that makes use of receding space can create ballooning depth. While, a minimalist work cleverly uses empty space to create more space - nifty!

The Conversation Starter

Art is inherently interesting. Whether through subject matter, the story of acquisition, or your own feelings art can tells stories a pot plant can’t. At Angela Tandori Fine Art, you can write your own story by commissioning a work of art from artists such as Philippe Le Miere. Or else discover the rich history of paintings by Aussie greats like John Olsen.     

Peace of Mind

Unsurprisingly, a work of art will inspire more than a blank wall.  The rules around what art can and cannot be used for decor are loose. Bright and bold can inject energy, while soft dreamscapes can soothe. Either way, the psychological benefits of art are real - and they can be carried home.


To engage in a discussion about which art work will best compliment your space and enhance your day, feel free to give us a call on 0419 301 279 or email collect@angelatandorifineart.com