Resale Appraisal

Reselling works of art is a healthy part of the collecting process. If you’d like to evolve your collection, just send us the pertinent information (title, artist, dimensions and provenance), alongside a photo and we’ll provide an appraisal. Basically, an appraisal is our informed opinion regarding the expected value of your work. Once the terms are settled, your work or works will promptly be put to market.

At Angela Tandori Fine Art, we respect change. We believe any healthy collector can embrace resale in developing their art collection - and we’re here to make the process as liberating as can be. If your art is collectable then we can sell it for you.

How to Submitting a Work of Art for Appraisal

Submitting a work of art for appraisal is easy. All it takes is three simple steps:

1 - Begin by sending us an email to that includes the following details of your work:

  • Title of the work (if known)

  • Artist full name

  • Dimensions (height x width)

  • Medium 

  • Where and when purchased

  • Original invoiced price (if available)

  • Date of original purchase (if available)

  • Whether there is documentation that accompanies the painting

2 - Please also include a clear photo of your work and the artist signature in this email - a phone photo is fine. 

3 - Wait for us to respond. We will get back to you within 7 days with an appraisal 

Please contact us at any time at with any questions or enquiries. We are here to help you.