Resale Appraisal

At Angela Tandori Fine Art, we respect change. We believe any healthy collector can embrace resale in developing their art collection - and we’re here to make the process as liberating as can be.

If your art is collectable then we can sell it for you.

How to Submitting a Work of Art for Appraisal

Submitting a work of art for appraisal is easy. All it takes is three simple steps:

1 - Begin by sending us an email to that includes the following details of your work:

  • Title of the work (if known)

  • Artist full name

  • Dimensions (height x width)

  • Medium 

  • Where and when purchased

  • Original invoiced price (if available)

  • Date of original purchase (if available)

  • Whether there is documentation that accompanies the painting

2 - Please also include a clear photo of your work and the artist signature in this email - a phone photo is fine. 

3 - Wait for us to respond. We will get back to you within 7 days with an appraisal 

Please contact us at any time at with any questions or enquiries. We are here to help you.