Angela Tandori Fine Art is now Art & Collectors – same people, same collectable art

Services Summary

Angela Tandori Fine Art is not only a fine art dealership - we also offer a range of services to help collectors build, maintain and support their collection.  Find out more below.  

Resale Appraisals

If you’re looking to resell either a single work of art or your entire art collection, we can help. We can provide you with a resale appraisal - which is an expected value based on our extensive experience in the market.


At Angela Tandori Fine Art, we can value your fine art collection.  Our method is built on both comprehensive data analysis and over fifteen years of market experience.  Valuing your collection may be necessary for insurance, estate, tax, family division or liquidation purposes.

Art Consultancy

For advice on buying, selling and collecting works of art, Angela Tandori Fine Art can offer professional insight.  Our consultancy service are tailored to the client’s needs, providing discerning, relevant and informed advice.

Custom Gift Cards

Our Custom Gift Cards allow a recipient to discover the joy of collecting on their terms.  Available at any value, a Custom Gift Card spans our entire collection and can include framing.  Plus, our team is happy to assist with consultation, advice and viewing services for both giver and receiver.    

Pre Purchase Reports

For advice on buying works of art, Angela Tandori Fine Art can offer professional insight and help you do your due diligence. Before deciding to purchase a work of art from anywhere in the marketplace, you can request a pre-purchase report.  A Pre Purchase report helps place an artwork in context, providing a detailed account of the artist’s historical price range and what a fair market price for the work is.


We can help pair your new work of art with the perfect frame.  For local clients we offer custom framing services in collaboration with A & L Artistic Framers - a Hawthorn based, family run business with decades of experience in artisan framing (seventeen of which we have worked together).