The Gift of Art: Buying Art for Someone Else

What to consider when buying art as a gift. 

Art can be the ultimate gift. It can say anything you like - whether that’s an I love you, a happy Mother’s Day wish, a congratulations on graduating gesture or even an enjoy your new apartment token. However, understanding the ins and outs of giving art can be elusive. Continue reading for a brief guide to hunting down the ideal gift of art. 

First off, who are you buying for?

There are three things to consider when mulling this question over - how do I know this person, why am I celebrating them and what do I want the gift to reflect about me. Essentially, buying a gift for your partner, won’t mirror a gift for a new boss.

Christine JOHNSON - 'Memento'

Take Christine Johnson’s blushing Memento for example. Intimate, romantic and smoky this work is a cool declaration of love. Philippe Le Miere’s Dr Spock on the other hand, is a hip, quirky high-five. Both are meaningful gifts, with utterly different things to say.

Phillipe LE MIERE - 'Mr Spock'

Nigel SENSE - 'Bunch of Wildflowers'

If you’re still a loss for inspiration, there’s the eternally symbolic floral painting. Simple, expressive and an aesthetic delight - Nigel Sense’s Bunch of Wildflowers is the best kind of birthday bouquet. Or, go for something fun like Eddie Botha’s Not Normal Please. His fascination with crowd behaviour is unerringly relatable. Bonding over life in the twenty-first century makes for not only, interesting conversation - but also interesting gift giving.  

Eddie BOTHA - 'Not Normal Please'

Where is your present heading?

If your recipient lives far away, shipping a work of art can seem tricky. The easiest and most affordable works to ship are photographs and prints. Christopher Rimmer’s surprisingly sublime Amapondo 1 can simply roll up, slot into a crush-proof tube and ship easily - worldwide.   

Christopher RIMMER - 'Amapondo 1'

Where will it be hung?

It matters where a work is hung. Consider whether your recipient has enough wall space to hang up your gift - or whether it will suit their home. This is particularly relevant if you're seeking a work to warm a new home. Alan Delon’s Home Is Where the Art Is is the ideal prize piece for any new home. Graphic, punchy and tongue-in-cheek - Delon has style, without taking himself too seriously. After all, gift giving ought to be fun.

Alan DELON - 'Home Is Where The Art Is '