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The Secrets to Hanging Art At Home | Interior Design 101

When it comes to hanging art at home, who are you? Are you the devil-may-care type, ultra meticulous or something in-between? We believe there are five types of hangers, from the Anchor, to the Eccentric. Read on to discover the delights of each type and how they can elevate any space. Which are you?  

The Eccentric

Anything goes with the Eccentric. A combination of 2D and 3D elements, this is the style that fascinates - offering something new with every glance. It is hanging as an art form. 

Tip: Don’t confine yourself to one artist, object or aesthetic. From hanging plants to pop art, let your inner child rule.


A worldly wall - art from left Charles Blackman 'Alice Escapes' and Graeme Peebles - 'Australian Parrotts Major Mitchell'

The Grid

For us art lovers with a touch of type three, the Grid is a fantasy come true. Minimal, neat and geometric, this style works best with art that is a similar size and aesthetic. It will add flair to your space - turning what can feel sterile, into harmonic bliss. Amen.

Tip: Save your plaster and measure out your frames before punching holes in your wall.  


Zen art to suit a zen hang - art all Graham Kuo.

The Anchor

Feel like your room is adrift? Anchor it with an object that says something. This hanging style involves placing a large, impactful work above a sofa, table or bed. Not only a conversation starter, it also can speak for spaces that are tongue-tied.

Tip: While it doesn’t need to be enormous, typically larger works suit this style best.


Talk about setting a mood - Brett Whiteley's infinitely sensuous 'Back'.   

The Bohemian

Boho-chic is back. Akin to the salon style, the bohemian is so idiosyncratic, it’s pitch-perfect. Comprising different sized pieces placed together - this ultra chic look can connect otherwise disparate ideas, styles and aesthetics in a moving tapestry.

Tip: Make sure the middle of your installation falls at eye-level. Have fun! 


Fresh, whimsical and poised - clockwise from left are Joseph Banks 'Florilegium, Plate 151'Norman Lindsay 'Peacock' and Ben Quilty 'Three'.

The Gallerist

The Louvre? Move over - your home is the hottest new gallery. Spare without being bland, this hanging style groups together works of a similar palette, narrative and size in a row. Here, each image has room to breathe.

Tip: The Gallerist works best for linear spaces such a hallways or above a long piece of furniture.


Taking the White Cube home - from left is Alun Leach-Jones 'The Philosophy of Objects No 4' Violeta Capovska 'Silence I'Alun Leach-Jones 'The Philosophy of Objects No 3' and Violeta Capovska 'Silence II'

The Casualist

The Casualist is the French ‘it’ girl of hanging styles. Seemingly effortless, this look always appears put-together with minimal fuss - poised to transform at any moment. Entailing a combination of hanging and propping, this style works best on a shelf or other surface.

Tip: For those reluctant to drill holes in their home - this is the style for you.  


Art on the walls with none of the commitments - from left is Christopher Rimmer 'Sign of Life 11' and Charles Blackman 'Dancing Children - Blue'.


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