Jason Benjamin 'I Have to Take Care of You Now'

Jason Benjamin 'I Have to Take Care of You Now'

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Renowned artist Jason Benjamin describes his art as experiential. Indeed, stripped back then intensified, his atmospheric landscapes are less about preciness and more a vehicle for emotional contemplation. Like taking a walk to turn over an idea, his scenes bear an intimate, but private gravitas. 

In ‘I have to take care of you now’, the depths of winter carry untold significance. Vein-like trees cut the white sky. You brace for the morning sun, frost girting your feet. A feat of composition, depth and intrigue, this work is quietly profound. 

Benjamin is represented in numerous public collections, including at the National Gallery of Victoria and the National Gallery of Australia, as well as notable regional and corporate collections. He is multi-time finalist in the Wynne, Archibald and Doug Moran prizes and in 2005, won the Archibald’s Packing Room Prize. For collectors of prints, and landscape and contemporary art, Benjamin is a thrilling find. 

Jason BENJAMIN (1971 - )
'I Have to Take Care of You Now' 2006
Image Size: 40 x 65 cm
Paper Dimensions: 56 x 75 cm
Condition: Image Excellent slight mark on top left hand corner. Easily framed out.