Grace Cossington-Smith 'Giant White Ship at Circular Quay' - Reproduction print on paper

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At the forefront of Australia’s modernist vanguard, Grace Cossington-Smith is among our most celebrated artists. A brilliant colourist, her light-filled vistas range from documenting Sydney in the throes of urbanisation, to quiet domestic moments. Cossington-Smith began her artistic career under Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo in 1910. Here, she was introduced to Post-Impressionist masters like Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne - whose expressionistic, high-keyed style was a radical refreshment. Soon after, she began replicating their techniques alongside her own unique vision, offering a modern and distinctly feminine perspective. Among her most monumental works is ‘Giant White Ship at Circular Quay’. In dynamic shape and technique, Cossington-Smith’s rhythmic lines unite to represent an emblem of progress as it rears into Sydney Harbour. A feat of modernism in both subject matter and style, this work replicates the feeling of staring up at a skyscraper. A recipient of an Order of the British Empire, subject of a major retrospective exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and collected by all major national institutions, no account of Australian art history would be complete without Cossington-Smith. NOW OUT OF PRINT - LAST ONE!

'Giant White Ship at Circular Quay'
Reproduction print on paper from the collection at The Art Gallery of New South Wales
Image Size: 59 x 44 cm