Grace Cossington Smith 'Arums Growing' - flowers reproduction print on paper

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At the forefront of Australia’s modernist vanguard, Grace Cossington-Smith is among our most celebrated artists. A brilliant colourist, her light-filled vistas range from documenting Sydney in the throes of urbanisation, to quiet domestic moments. Cossington-Smith began her artistic career under Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo in 1910. Here, she was introduced Post-Impressionist masters like Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne - whose expressionistic, high-keyed style was a radical refreshment. Soon after, she began replicating their techniques under her own unique vision, offering a modern and distinctly feminine perspective. ‘Arums Growing’ stems from Cossington-Smith’s interest in the unseen energy pulsating through nature. Through rhythmic, saturated brushstrokes her work presents florals as dynamic and growing, rather than still. This distinctly modern approach is engrossing, inviting the viewer to lean into her pictorial garden.  

A recipient of an Order of the British Empire, subject of a major retrospective exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and collected by all major national institutions, no account of Australian art history would be complete without Cossington-Smith.

Grace COSSINGTON SMITH (1892 - 1984)
'Arums Growing'
reproduction print on paper from the collection at The Art Gallery of New South Wales
Image Size: 57 x 44 cm