Roy De Maistre 'Rhythmic composition in yellow green minor' - Reproduction print on paper

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Roy de Maistre offers a singular perspective in Australian art history. Credited with producing the first purely abstract painting, he pioneered a theory called Colour Music. Here, musical tones are translated into hues - creating symphonic paintings where harmony and light unite. De Maistre initially studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, before enrolling in classes with Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo at the Royal Art Society. Here, Dattilo-Rubbo exhibited images of work by Post-Impressionist masters like Vincent Van Gogh, whose belief in colour as emotion was considered radical. It was here that De Maistre’s ideas took root. They did not crystallize however, until he encountered colour-therapy being used to treat solider's while serving during WWI.  Armed with a modernist agenda, De Maistre and Roland Wakelin staged the landmark exhibition ‘Colour in Art’ in 1919. Importantly however, De Maistre’s artistic ethos was not purely academic. Instead, his kaleidoscopic dreamscapes are backed by the belief colour can be the song of life. 'Rhythmic composition in yellow green minor' is a brilliant example of De Maistre’s unique, modern and vibrant style. A critical figure in Australian art history, De Maistre is collected by all major public institution and celebrated internationally.

'Rhythmic composition in yellow green minor' 1919
Reproduction print on paper
Image Size: 41 x 56 cm
Condition: Excellent