Elizabeth Durack: Glimpse of the Ngarangani - The Art of Eddie Burrup

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The Art of Eddie Burrup consists of a series of paintings, discursive titles and essays created by Elizabeth Durack during the last years of her life. Reflected within the series are ideas and experiences the artist had gained over a lifetime of association with the land and Aboriginal people of northern Australia. Produced on paper and linen between the years 1994 to 2000, the Durack/Burrup works vary in size. Smaller works, as on offer here, are known collectively as ‘Glimpses’ of the Ngarangani (Dreaming).

Elizabeth DURACK (1915–2000)
Title: Onlookers to Mother Emu and Mother Turkey who continue fighting (II) 1999
Medium:  mixed media on Irish linen
Image Size: 31 x 23cm
Dimensions: 36 x 28 cm (the work is presented unframed on archival board)
Signed: Durack/Burrup (signature symbol), lower right and verso
Condition: Very Good — as new.

Please note - The two images below represent the front and the verso from the same work.