John Coburn 'Death and Transfiguration' - screenprint on paper

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John Coburn is regarded as one of Australias best known and most recognized abstract artists. Coburns work continues to be collected widely in Australia, loved for its exquisite graphic power and mythological narrative quality. On the surface, Coburns work embodies a harmony of organic shape, rich colour and compelling flatness. Looking deeper, his work harnesses a spiritual energy that is channelled through quasi-religious themes and iconographic stories that are all at once human, divine, and earthly. Coburn’s artistic mission was to develop a distinctly Australian abstract visual language. He sought a confluence of Western European culture, the Roman Catholic religion, Aboriginal spirituality and nature. His international influences were Matisse, Miro, Mondrian and Picasso and Rothko. His agnostic con-temporaries watched in fascination as Coburn religiously pursued his holy abstractions. Fellow artist Charles Blackman was appreciative saying: “John Coburn… strives for the ideal. His commitment to the organic shape of his religious feeling has been unfailing.” This original 11 colour screenprint was printed by Michael Phelps, Sydney. It has been stored in it's original solander box since it was printed in 1988 hence the superb condition. A strong secondary market for Coburn screenprints makes this work of art an outstanding opportunity to add a stylish asset to your collection.

John COBURN (1925 - 2006)
'Death and Transfiguration' 1988
screenprint on paper
Edition of 99
Image Size: 48 x 72 cm
Dimensions: 55 x 75 cm
Signed: Signed, titled and editioned in margin
Comes with Letter of Provenance
REFERENCE:John Coburn: Prints 1959-2000, Australian Galleries, Sydney & Melbourne, 2000, cat. 72
Condition:Excellent: This work of art has been stored in it's original solander box since 1988 so it is in perfect condition.