Henri Matisse 'Icare 1947 from the portfolio Jazz' - reproduction print on paper

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Henri Matisse’s illustrated book 'Jazz' (1947) is one of the most famous graphic works and arguably one of the best loved artworks of the 20th century. Diagnosed with abdominal cancer in 1941, Matisse underwent surgery that left him chair- and bedbound. Limited in mobility, he could no longer paint or sculpt. Instead, he cut forms from colored paper that he arranged as collages, and decoupage which became known as the “cut-outs”.That same year, at the age of 74, Matisse began 'Jazz'. His assistants helped prepare the collages for printing, using a stencil process known as 'pochoir' in French. He worked on the series for two years, utilizing this new method that linked drawing and color—two important elements in Matisse's work. In the ‘cut-out’ project, realism and abstraction are finally reconciled after a life-long tension. With the cut-out technique, Matisse felt he had finally solved the problems of form and space, outline and colour. ‘It is not a beginning, it is an endpoint’, the artist stated. This decorative print of the renowned French Fauvist artist's work 'Icare [Icarus] 1947 (detail) from the portfolio Jazz' is superbly reproduced and epitomizes Matisse at his most iconic. Bold, vibrant and ultra stylish - 'Icare' promises to be celebrated in your home.

Henri MATISSE (1869 - 1954)
'Icare 1947 from the portfolio Jazz'
reproduction poster print on paper from the National Gallery of Australia
Image Size: 77 x 51 cm
Dimensions: 85 x 60 cm
Condition: New