Brett Whiteley 'Screen As Bathroom Window' - Reproduction print on paper

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Cast in his favourite, ever-vibrant Ultramarine, ‘Screen As Bathroom Window’ is typical Brett Whiteley. Conceived at the peak of his artistic prowess, this work is both sensuous and refined. Slightly removed, Whiteley captures a woman - his then wife Wendy, as she dresses. Wendy was not only Brett’s companion, she was also his muse. Together they weathered life abroad, the counter cultural revolution and heroin addiction. After getting sober, Wendy divorced the still addicted Brett in 1989. Three years later he would die from an overdose. In ‘Screen As Bathroom Window’, this future is yet to unfurl. Instead, we glimpse a quiet moment in the tranquil innards of their home. This sensuous print is from the work of art in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia.

'Screen As Bathroom Window'
Reproduction print on paper
Image Size: 50 x 45 cm
Condition:Image in Excellent Condition

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